Plasma TV Stands verses Wood TV Stands

A Comparison of Plasma TV Stands vs. Wood TV Stands

When it is time to purchase a TV stand, you will notice that you have two standard options:

  • A Wood TV Stand
  • A Plasma TV Stand

These two TV stands have some similarities, but in general they are designed for two specific purposes – one is designed to provide you with a hard, level place to put your TV set, the other is designed to provide you with something that is aesthetically appealing while still incredibly functional.

Wood TV Stand

Wood TV Stands, like the Tech-Craft ABS48, the Tech-Craft CBK60, and the Sanus NFV49 are made specifically for standard TVs and LCD TVs that need a place to sit in your home. They have cabinets and other areas so that you can store your things, but their primary purpose is to provide you with a place to house your TV so you can watch it on a regular basis.

Plasma TV Stand

Plasma TV Stands (such as the Bello FP-4224, the Bello FP-4855, and the Bello PP-59), on the other hand, are largely for aesthetic and storage appeal. Plasma TVs can be hung on walls, but hanging them on a wall is dangerous and places it in the middle of the room with no surrounding furniture or purpose.

So individuals interested in giving their Plasma TVs a more permanent home purchase a Plasma TV stand. This allows them to place the TV in a sturdier place than the wall, the television will still be hanging (for optimum viewing) and the aesthetics of the Plasma TV stand makes it fit better in your home. There is also usually storage area for you to keep DVDs.

Which to Choose

Obviously the final decision about which TV stand to get depends on the type of TV you own. But it also depends on the type of TV you plan on owning. If you have any intentions of purchasing a Plasma TV in the future, you may want to purchase a Plasma TV stand that is equipped with enough room that it can house your current, non Plasma TV (Such as the Bello FP-4226, the Tech-Craft TRK55B and the Sanus PFFP2B) but still have a place to mount a the television when you make the final purchase.

On the other hand, a Wood TV stand is useful for those that have no intention of upgrading to a wall mounted TV, and are content with either an SD TV or an HDTV. Either way, you can still find a piece of furniture that will go well in your household, but is functional enough to house your television and attractive enough to not detract from your home’s décor.



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